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We are  an International Business Development and Consultancy services company founded in  2018 to support young people who are entering the business world and have no idea of what needs to be done, the NGO/NPO sector, the farming and the Agriculture value chain and those who have been in business but are facing challenges,


What can we do to assist you?


We consult with our clients to determine what they aim to achieve, and we offer knowledge and skills developed in business management consulting. We combine strategy & management consulting expertise to help companies and organisations..





Furthermore, we conduct a preliminary assessment of the areas our client requires assistance in. Not only that, but we are good at collecting and reviewing available information to identify any potentially contaminated areas of concern for a business you are operating, a property you want to buy, are operating or want to sell.


We consult with clients regarding solutions to address the problem area. Our business solutions are designed to help you better align your marketing strategy with your overall business goals. We will work with you to help in shaping it.






















We will help you implement your plan of action and oversee its success through the following actions: 

  • Weekly, monthly, six-monthly, and annual reviews. ...

  • Writing regular status reports. ...

  • Review the project plan and timeline and revise where necessary.

  • Keep a register of issues, including any adverse events and how they were addressed.

  • Updating action lists.

Above All We Are The Best, We Have What It Takes To Make You Win In The Business World

Our firm is composed of industry-specific experts who offer professional advice, guidance, and actionable solutions to businesses experiencing issues they can’t deal with in-house.

At one time, in disaster or Pandemic periods, every company is bound to have problems; when this happens we will be there to solve them.

We also believe that when developing a business development plan, it's valuable to bring an outside perspective into the process.


As an experienced business development consultant, we can help you create a plan that melds what worked in the past with current buyer behaviours to maximize the effectiveness of your business development process.

We believe we can help you with your business strategy, architecture, mapping, and optimization.


We can work on an hourly rate, a retainer basis or for a specific project.

  • Maximize Your Efficiency.

  • Boost Staff Productivity.

  • Grow Your Business.

  • Actionable Innovation.

Project Management Consulting.

One of our main reasons of existence is to support organisations and companies on project management.

If your company has a new product or launch coming up, but  aren't sure how to strategize for it because there are a few employees and none of them have worked in project management.

That's when we as consultants could come in and either train your employees on how to handle the project, or work as a contract project manager.

We can also support you on reporting in two ways:


Gather analytics reports and help you analyse the reports that come in.

This is a service that companies  hire our consultants services for on a longer term basis. With reporting, our  consultants will help you collect and understand the analytics or reports, so you can make smart business decisions based on data.